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Christian Action Resource Enterprise (C.A.R.E)


CHRISTIAN ACTION RESOURCE ENTERPRISE is a charity located in North East Lincolnshire dedicated solely to relieving poverty, hardship and distress to those sectors of the local community that are unable to access help and aid through the usual channels.

CARE Rent Scheme is a rent deposit organisation that enables those without money for a bond and a month's advance rent, to access good quality private sector rented accommodation, reinforcing the tenancy with support visits and guarantees to landlords. Very little charge is made for CARE Rent's service to landlords and has enabled over 3000 people in the local area to access housing.

ROUTES - a programme of resettlement developed with the local Salvation Army hostel to help those who have 'disengaged' with mainstream society and find themselves in need of support and housing and who would otherwise find themselves homeless.

CARE Shop, on Alexandra Road in Cleethorpes, provides furniture free of charge to those in the North East Lincs area who are in need, for whatever reason.

Daily Bread Food Larder provides emergency food parcels to local residents in need. Although recipients will typically be those experiencing delays in benefit, beneficiaries are also many other groups experiencing poverty, hardship or distress.

CARE Property- CARE owns the premises in Cleethorpes and can make available housing for up to 13 individuals and is currently embarking on a programme of house purchase to facilitate shared housing for a further 20 homeless people.

Who to contact

01472 232310

Where to go

Alexandra Road
North East Lincolnshire
DN35 8LE


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