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Getting in touch or getting involved


Speak to us if in doubt

If you need access to Community Health & Social Care support or advice and information the Single Point of Access is always open, and yes this includes overnight, weekend and Bank Holidays.

In addition to the above the Single Point of Access also provides a Social Care Crisis Response, Community Health Advice, information and interventions.  We host the Single Point of Access for residents within North East Lincolnshire which together with a number of other organisations, work together to offer a range of services targeted at :

  • Advice, Information and Signposting to Voluntary and third sector services
  • Rehabilitation and Re-enablement
  • Social Complex Case Management

We strive to find suitable and appropriate outcomes, whatever your enquiry. All the calls received by the Single Point of Access will either:

  • Resolve your issue
  • Offer relevant advice and information including onward referrals for assessment
  • Divert you to the most appropriate person or service who will be able to help

Who to contact

Advice Officers Telephone 01472 256256



Where to go

We are an independent social work practice providing statutory social functions to residents of North East Lincolnshire. If you need face to face support, please view our online map of all the public access community outreach venues focus attends.

You can contact us for all your Adult Health & Social Care Community Health Services, including Advice and Information via our Single Point of Access (SPA)01472 256 256. We are here all year round, any time, day or night.

focus is the first new statutory provider of Adult Social Care within North East Lincolnshire and the UK, commissioned by your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) & the Local Authority, North East Lincolnshire Council. We are a Social Enterprise (CIC), known as a Social Work Practice.

Adult Social Care in NEL & focus independent adult social work C.I.C

Within North East Lincolnshire focus independent adult social work provide Adult Social Care on behalf of the Local Authority or Council. Where this material refers to 'council' or 'local authority' it refers to focus independent adult social work. To find out more information about focus independent adult social work and how this unique partnership working is undertaken please see below. 

These include North East Lincolnshire Council, NAViGO Health and Social Care, NHS North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Care Plus Group.

focus independent adult social work within North East Lincolnshire, is commissioned by your NEL NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) & the Local Authority, North East Lincolnshire Council. We are a Social Enterprise (CIC), known as a Social Work Practice.

The Social Work Practice is made up of the following areas:-

  • Long Term / Complex Case Management Teams provide complex case management to older people (including those with a mental health issue) and all adults with physical, sensory or learning disabilities.
  • A3 is the service that provides the gateway to Adult Social Work / Care
  • Adult Safeguarding Team
  • Continuing NHS Healthcare Team
  • All Business Support Functions including Community Care Finance

Since April 2011 adult social work in NEL has been operating as a Social Work Practice pilot, one of seven established nationally through the Department of Health. We are now ready, enthusiastic and excited about taking the next step and being a free standing social enterprise, which was formed in September 2013. It enables us the opportunity to radically change the way we do things, making use of the flexibilities which operating outside the public sector affords us in order to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable people in North East Lincolnshire.  We are keen to embed our social work practice in communities and neighbourhoods and take forward the development of preventative interventions.

Being close to and involved in our local communities will be at the heart of what we do. We are working to change the focus of social work away from 1:1 client work to that of ‘community broker’, enabling people to take control themselves, to make full use of the community assets available and to develop new community capacity. This requires flexibility, innovation, fleetness of foot, an entrepreneurial culture and the fostering of partnerships and alliances.

Empowering and supporting our staff will be critical to our success. We have a well established staff team that have played a major role in the journey we have been on over the last three years. With a flatter management structure and devolved roles and responsibilities our aim is to ensure that staff feel an integral part of the new organisation able to influence and be involved in decision making.

The organisation has approximately 150 staff with an operating budget of c£4m and have joint responsibility with the NELCCG (in full) for care and support budgets of c£28m. A Board of Governors with an independent chair; employee, community, user and carer representation as well as representatives from the NEL CCG and local Council will oversee the social enterprise which will be established as a Community Interest Company. All employees are eligible and encouraged to become members of the organisation and membership constituencies for the community and service users and carers are to be established.

This is a fantastic opportunity to establish and drive forwards a brand new organisation based on social work values.

Joe Warner

Managing Director

@focus_Warner @focus_SWP


Media Coverage




The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) is an opportunity for you to let us know what it’s like to receive NHS services as a patient, relative or friend.  It offers you the chance to provide comments, compliments or raise concerns about the services you have received and helps the Trust to ensure that high quality, responsive services are available.

PALS is a free, confidential service available to offer help, advice and information on NHS services and is designed to help patients, carers and staff get the best out of what the NHS has to offer.
North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has a dedicated PALS team dealing with matters relating to Primary Care Services in the local area. These include those NHS services offered from your GP Practice, Dental Surgery, Pharmacies (chemists) and Opticians and all Adult Social Care Services.

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